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I write music for TV shows, Films, etc.. Instrumentals usually go to reality shows and full songs are for reality shows AND Scripted Series.


In 2006 i started working at a Retail Promotions company who had Dim Mak as a client, now i handle sync licensing for the entire label as well as some affiliated acts. I liken the Dim Mak catalogue as a Treasure Chest and i strive to treat it as such.


Last year i had a song on Glee which an actor sang on camera, but they used my original music master. It was Rap but NOT the Sir-Mix-Alot cover. 


I watched Breaking Bad for the first time the week after they played my song during one of Jesse's Meth binges. Thankfully they still paid us. 


I co-composed the music for a PS3 game but i can't get far enough in the game to hear my pieces. They played my tracks over the big screen at E3 so it's all good. 


A buddy and I wrote the Formula 1 racing Theme song for FOX. Then Formula 1 left FOX for NBC. 




Inspirations include but not limited to : 


 - The centagenarian who walks her dog down Hoover St. 

 - The blind guy who climbed Mt. Everest

 - Malik Yusef

 - Steve Aoki

 - Chris Weidman







 My Favorite Animal is : 









 My Favorite Drink is : 














 My Favorite Band is : 

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